KATOTO's Selfie with the President
  • KATOTO gets a lucky chance to meet President Museveni on an unexpected day!

  • katoto
We have to Save
  • Katoto makes a special appearance in a commercial for crane Bank! He makes his family save by force.

  • katoto
Empuunu Wild pig
  • KATOTO explains his terrifying encounter with a wild pig in the bushes!

  • katoto
Katoto Greedy Moment
  • A dramatic moment of Katoto and his Son reveals how greedy

  • katoto
Merry Kulisa-mani
  • katoto and his son end up in an argument over spilt Bushera!...

  • katoto
Katoto's Selfie
  • katoto tries to take a selfie next to a cows bum! he is looking for trouble and finds it...

  • katoto
Katoto Ice Bucket Challenge
  • katotos version of the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE

  • katoto
Katoto's Puppy Scare
  • katoto is scared of an innocent puppy

  • katoto
Katoto Bad Experience
  • Katoto has a bad experience

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Katoto Rukiga Dance
  • Katoto dancing the Rukiga dance

  • katoto
Katoto walking
  • Katoto mukiga character walking test